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With the lights out you may triple in a homer in the park

I bring to fast food restaurant contests an attitude that might be called halfhearted interest, in that I'll usually start out collecting the tokens or whatever it is they do, have vague feelings that maybe this is the chance that I hit the ten-thousand-dollar prize (I know it phenomenally unlikely I'd ever hit a million-dollar prize, but $10,000 is vastly more probable and while it wouldn't reshape my life the way a million would, it would do nice things for my lifestyle anyway), and then forget about the contest and lose the tokens in the margins of whatever book I was reading at the time. I imagine that most people have a roughly similar attitude towards fast food restaurant contests.

But the advent of putting everything in the world up on the web has meant now you don't just get instant wins but have to enter a code on a web site to get your instant win. (Cow: ``But you won a sea-doo!'' Boy: ``But I had to work at it!'') In the recent Subway Scrabble contest I missed out on the $10,000 prize, assuming that there was one, although things rather picked up on the instant win things. They used a wheel-of-fortune motif for the instant win, in fact, which lead to the minimally comic result that I got e-mail notification of a win while the Flash wheel was still ``spinning'', which kind of drained the suspense of the thing.

Anyway, I have no idea what ``Club Pogo'' is, but a couple weekends' worth of veggie sandwiches has given me three three-month trial memberships. I'm really rather sure whatever it is I don't need nine months of it, and I'm tempted to give the things away, assuming there's anyone who knows what it is and who likes ``Club Pogo''-ness. I'm still guessing there's a minimum of possum activity.

Trivia: China's coal industry reportedly laid off about 883,000 miners between 1992 and 1995. Source: Coal: A Human History, Barbara Freese.

Currently Reading: 1587: A Year Of No Significance: the Ming Dynasty In Decline, Ray Huang.


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