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Oh, a little morale-raising moment from the end of the classes I taught for my mother: the students thanked me, which I thought to be ordinary courtesy. One student paused to say that she'd really appreciated how I clearly knew what I was talking about (which was modestly true, in that I did a little better preparation this week and spent more of my time on my own direction rather than the PowerPoint slides) and hoped I got a teaching position soon. In fact, since she had to take a mathematics class next term to graduate --- there was some problem with getting credit for one of her classes which seemed to make no sense so I expect it was an accurate description of the registrar throwing a fit --- she said she'd be glad to take anything I was signed up to teach. Which is sweet, but, she really needs to tell that to the mathematics chair. Who's interviewed me for a tenure-track position once, ignored me for the same position a second time, and never responded to me about adjunct positions.

There had been going in an odd glitch at the security gate. The previous week I'd gone in just saying that I was there for my mother's class and let the guard suppose reasons why. The guard, a different one this week, actually asked what aspect of the class I was there for and I said I was speaking to it. The guard actually checked with a list which must be official because it was on a clipboard and found that my mother hadn't put me on any kind of official list as a class guest, and explained that he should have all class speakers registered with security. I pointed out the relevant doctor was a she, which seemed like a clarification so unimportant I couldn't help making it. The guard decided to let me through, though, since it clearly wasn't my fault that I wasn't listed on his clipboard, although in point of fact I hadn't actually given my name at that point.

He did, though, carefully explain where the building I had to go to was, and that there was no parking anywhere around there. There were parking spaces, just that they were almost always full this time of day what with it being during the semester. He recommended the parking lot by the sciences building, which I knew well. Actually, he kept giving me parking lot advice to the point that I couldn't get to class on time any longer, although when I did get to parking where he suggested I only took one sidewalk going the completely wrong direction to get to where I needed to be. That's not bad for my sort of scheduling.

Trivia: The resolution in the House of Representatives to investigate the Crédit Mobilier scandal passed with only a single dissenting vote, that of Maryland democrat Stevenson Archer, who said ``the people had passed a verdict of condemnation against these slanders at the polls'', with the reelection of most of the accused politicians in the 1872 elections, making an official investigation redundant. Source: Empire Express: Building The First Transcontinental Railroad, David Haward Bain.

Currently Reading: The Story Of Philosophy, Will Durant.


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