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Some sweet child is waiting

So I'd had a birthday fairly recently, although it went without a whole lot of fuss on my part since I don't usually make a fuss about them and it wasn't one of the milestone birthdays apart from having made it. But there were a couple nice cards, and a lovely gift from bunny_hugger --- a calculator watch, specifically, filling a need I've had for roughly a decade now to calculate things on my wrist (it also allows me to time things) --- and then a curious and slightly circumloquacious mention from skylerbunny about what he had sent me.

I didn't know just what to expect, although I figured to watch for packages sent from the part of California where he lives. He was careful about specifying just what to expect, but I figured that my parents knew any packages arriving around my birthday and addressed to me had a particular meaning. It seemed odd that they hadn't seen it or left it somewhere they sincerely believe I check regularly for mail. They keep leaving letters on tables I don't use or parts of the kitchen counter I've never checked for mail before ever. And, yet, nothing showed up, even though they did see the package from bunny_hugger and left that on a part of the counter that I did, in fact, regularly see.

A week after my birthday I asked my parents specifically if they had seen anything from California, or from skylerbunny's name, but they couldn't think of anything they'd seen. And there was still that thing of not quite knowing what to look for. So there wasn't anything to do but ask skylerbunny exactly what he was sending, so we might determine if or when it was received and what might have become of it. It would necessarily spoil the surprise, but that's better than having no idea what happened, isn't it?

Trivia: Amelia Earhart was the sixteenth woman in the world to receive a license from the Federation Aeronautique Internationale. Source: Amelia Earhart: A Biography, Doris L Rich.

Currently Reading: The Crisis Of The Old Order, Arthur M Schlesinger, Jr.

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