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You're the Easter Bunny when you smile

I hadn't actually got around to calling the Associated Humane Societies folks back about replacing my lost information about the adopted coati. But it had only been a few days since I got a message sent along to someone who was supposed to handle that sort of thing, and there'd be time to call again, and then ... an envelope from them arrived. With my name, just as I'd given on the phone. Although this time (?) with a 'junior' attached, which serves to differentiate me from my father and to emphasize to my mother not to throw this out, which she would definitely not do now. In fact, she made a point of showing it to me when I got in and mentioning how she was not going to throw this out.

You know that feeling of running at a door and having it swing open, so you go running through the living room, up the stairs, into a bedroom door, out the other bedroom door, across the second floor, into the door, which swings up to the ceiling and then opens, so you fall out of it and smash through the second floor, then the first floor, and then down into the basement? That's how I felt here. I make one phone call, leave a message for the person this is supposed to get to, and everything's sorted out? Where's the anecdote? Where's the ridiculous chain of conversations where I find my ability to parse questions like 'What is your home address?' leaves me unable to answer them? Did they not know who they were dealing with?

Despite the world being manifestly out of joint I opened up the packet, and discovered that they had sent me ... their 2010 calendar, and a cover letter explaining the calendar. It shows off features such as Cow Appreciation Day and World Turtle Day and National Chicken Month. It's welcome, certainly, not least for the pictures of many of the rescued animals. But it does mean that it all wasn't, in fact, as effortless as I thought and more interactions with other people are going to be needed to straighten it all out. There's still the chance for things to get truly ridiculous.

Trivia: A ``Farmer's Calender'' printed in Zurich in 1544 presented the days of the week as black triangles, with Sundays in red; and other symbols to mark the progression of the zodiac; of the kalends, nones and ides; phases of the Moon; saints' days; with Easter (the 13th of April) marked with a cross. Source: The Calendar: The 5000-Year Struggle To Align The Clock And The Heavens --- And What Happened To The Missing Ten Days, David Ewing Duncan.

Currently Reading: Victorian Sensation: Or, the Spectacular, the Shocking, and the Scandalous in Nineteenth-Century Britain, Michael Diamond.


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