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It doesn't really hurt you, so that can't be bad

And now on to another thrilling installment of Tales of Washing Machine Repair. This is probably actually the first, since the last clothing machinery-related tale I think I told was about the dryer, which had a thing last year where it was broken and we fixed it. Here, now, we've had a thing where a thing in the washing machine broke, and we're working on fixing it. Things started over the weekend when the washing machine started making this hideous, rattling, thundering noise while in the spin cycle. My father complained I was overloading the machine, although since it was just a couple of shirts, a pair of slacks, and a couple sweatpants, the machine was not anything like overloaded. In fact, the machine would be more overloaded if it were empty. Switching to the lower-speed spin made the rattling less severe, and less long-lasting, but it still left my clothes damp enough it needed more than one run through the dryer, which was working still.

My mother reminded me Sunday about not overloading the washing machine, and I pointed out to her that I was not, and I haven't overloaded a washing machine in years. So she asked what the problem was, then. ``It's broken'', was the best I could do, but I could say the barrel (it's a front-loaded machine) was moving around far more than seemed appropriate. When the washing machine got into the rattling and shaking and walking about phase with her slight load of laundry she agreed, it's broken.

So Monday night my father and I took to fixing it, first by getting the dryer off the top of it (they stack) in a process that took much longer than it had any right to and required breaking these things that hide the hole where the screws connect the dryer to the top of the washer. The springs holding the top of the barrel were in fine order, of course, and we had to look underneath where ... we had to drill out the screw holding part of the front cover in place because it had rusted into unmovable metal. It turns out one of the shock absorbers had broken, but fortunately it was just the farther one, harder to access or manipulate without working the washing machine completely out of the tiny laundry room.

So we have the replacement part on order, two-day Federal Express. I hope that it hurries along since I've got a big laundry load these days --- grown-up clothes for work, and then something to wear for exercise, and then clothes to wear after exercise because I work out until I'm horribly sweaty, not to mention towels. If we have to go too long the laundry pile will be large enough to affect tides. Meanwhile all the time my father and I were banging around the laundry room the two semi-sister cats were staring at us, clearly unsure what we were doing but certain that as soon as Mom found out about it we were going to be in sooooo much trouble.

Trivia: The Armistice of November 1918 required monthly renewals, until 12 February 1919 when it was extended indefinitely. Source: Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed The World, Margaret Macmillan.

Currently Reading: Divided Highways: Building The Interstate Highways, Transforming American life, Tom Lewis.


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