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The best things turn out better if they were never planned

We got the shock absorbers as ordered online for the washing machine, or more exactly my father got them since they arrived while I was at work and discovering that I had a tracking number for it, although I forgot to obsessively check delivery status over the two days it took to install. My father put the absorbers in, by himself, and by the time I got home he was running a test load on it. It wasn't going well. The drum was rattling around and bouncing as it would for an overload, which, of course, shouldn't be happening. My father suspected that the axle for the main barrel was the problem and sent me back to the web site to see what it would take to get a replacement axle. It turns out you can't get a replacement axle without getting a replacement barrel for the whole washer, and that runs on the order of $200.

So when I woke up this morning and heard a quiet tumbling noise from the laundry room and saw the wheeled table which we'd left the dryer on I initially supposed that the problem had been that the washer didn't have the dryer stacked on it, which would naturally provide a certain stability to both operations. I was surprised to learn that no, my father had just set the dryer on the floor and taken the washing machine out to the garage for disposition. (The test load had to be dried, after all.) My mother was off buying a replacement, which he expected to arrive sometime next week. This would imply my finding a laundry in the area for my week's worth of laundry.

My father meanwhile was surprised that I was home on a Friday, because he thought I should be at, you know, work. I reminded him that I'd gone to a four-day week. ``You have? Since when?'' And I pointed out it'd been about a month now. He was still surprised by the news, since my mother hadn't told him. I asked if he hadn't noticed my being around the last several Fridays; he insisted that he wasn't around since he was working then. Still, he likes my deal of trading a raise for time off, which makes this decision --- which, don't doubt it, I had worried about excessively --- the most universally popular thing I've done in years.

Trivia: ``Granny'' was the name of the talking piano on The Buster Brown Show radio series. Source: The Trivia Encyclopedia, Fred L Worth.

Currently Reading: Solar Lottery, Philip K Dick.


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