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To find that I was by the sea gazing with tranquility

Saturday morning (well, early afternoon) my mother asked why I had gone to a laundromat; I explained, my father had said the new washer wouldn't be delivered until next week. Given that, it didn't make sense to wait in the hope that maybe I wouldn't run out of clothes (or have to buy new ones) before it came in. That the washer wasn't expected until next week was news to her. She'd gone to buy one Friday and admitted that had she insisted on a new white washer she would have had to wait until next week. Perhaps that's what my father had thought was meant? No, because she bought it on her own, and she hadn't reported anything about this until she got back home.

She had bought a black unit instead, and it was installed early Saturday before I got up. My father did not grumble that he could have used my help from this, possibly because there were delivery people from whatever store sold this to work on delivering the new and carting away the old. Well, the new washer was in the laundry room, which I finally saw mid-exercise session; I didn't have reason to go past it before then. It's monstrously huge. My mother says it isn't really bigger than the old, it just looks like it because of the raiser underneath. Well, it's unmistakably taller, no matter what. The elevation removes the need to bend down so much for the washer, a good thing for ageing parents, although since the dryer has to be on the floor now --- there's not the space underneath the cabinets for it to rest atop the washer --- this means they'll now have to bend down for the dryer instead.

It's also much more digital, of course, so that there'll be less hope of fixing it whenever it does get around to breaking. My father's warned me that come 2019 I'm not to let him try repairing it. I wouldn't mind having the problem of talking him out of that ten years from now.

Trivia: Edward Gibson, science pilot for Skylab 4/3, grumbled of spacesuit wear, ``I'd like to have a couple of garments around here which don't have these blooming pockets, just for comfortable, casual wear.'' Source: A House In Space, Henry S F Cooper Jr.

Currently Reading: Radio Warfare: OSS and CIA Subversive Propaganda, Lawrence C Soley. I have the vague sense of reading a repurposed thesis, particularly in how the contextual historic detail is not really quite there and there are some curious stylistic fluctuations.


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