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It's astounding, time is fleeting

Getting back from the Other Hotel Restaurant to the con hotel was somehow a smoother process; we rode with orv driving back, with the plan that orv would go back for the second half of the party. We went up to the hotel room bluerain and orv and all were sharing, chatting a little bit about things like when bluerain last saw bunny_hugger in person, or what plans we had for the evening (for bunny_hugger and me, this included going to the dance), or how skylerbunny's condition was deteriorating as the California Plague wracked his body.

(There was also a bit of talk about bunny_hugger's ex-husband, prompting bluerain to wonder about talking about her ex in front of, well, her almost certainly future. I don't mind, though. I may be characterized as being particularly non-jealous by nature, but then we were also talking about events years in the past. We can't change our pasts, and it has lead us to a happy present, and I can hardly object to her having been happy years ago.)

We also somehow got into talking about Mystery Science Theater 3000 again, I think in reference to the episode Werewolf because the lingering, oddly-pronounced ``Dis is absuloodley fassinading'' from one of the characters in it sticks to my mind. augustforth thought he might have the episode on his computer somewhere, in that mystic downloading form that everybody but me seems able to quite master. I'm able to watch things on YouTube but that's it. There was some fussing around determining whether they could find it, and whether they could plug the laptop into the room's television so it could be watched in pixellated comfort. Although it did break our group up a little bit, bunny_hugger and I chose to go downstairs to the dance, while skylerbunny stayed behind to talk and try to convince his immune system into working on the California Plague.

I don't dance, as a habit. Most of my dancing experience is at weddings of siblings, which since all my siblings have had a marriage each means I wouldn't have much to practice for specifically. Fortunately, the mascot dance at the con meant that, first, things were very dark, which forgives many sins. And I was not even nearly bumped into so much by the people in costume and thus adding to the generally low lighting with occasional epileptic strobes very narrow fields of view, awkward limitations on reflexive actions. Also, anyone who might be looking in my direction, other than bunny_hugger, would be more interested in someone in costume. And bunny_hugger would be very forgiving of my movements.

Generally in a dance situation like this I suppose the only important thing is to be in motion, and anything which could be done with roughly the same period as the beat would look acceptable. This works out pretty well; the only songs anyone plays anymore that call for specific motions are the Village People's ``Y.M.C.A'', which I know, and Rocky Horror's ``Time Warp'', which I don't. bunny_hugger does, and I tried following her, but see above comments about the many forgiving things in dancing in this circumstnace. (She also recognized a fellow local, in space and in time, from one of the riffs shouted out during the song.)

But bunny_hugger had also learned actual formal dance steps, way back when, and she was willing to teach me the sort of basics of the kinds of dances where two people are actually in physical contact for important parts of the time. We probably made an odd pair doing a half-competent, half-enthusiastic-newbie version of the fox trot while the popular Songs That Sound Kind Of Like The Closing Credits From Tron medley was playing and lights were flashing and we thought of how we'd need glowing things for tomorrow, but again, see above comments about the many forgiving things in dancing in this circumstance.

We stayed through the end of the mascot section, when most of the people in costume were excused to go pass out from heat stroke and have iced water sprayed on their skins. It would have been fine to keep on dancing, but we had to be up in something like seven to eight hours: she had a panel --- the only one she was running --- first thing Saturday morning. We'd have to get up early enough not just to shower and eat, but also to get the shuttle bus with the schedule skylerbunny was so unsure about.

Back at the hotel my electric toothbrush was, initially, not working at all. It had simply died. I regretted the inconvenient loss of an appliance, but also supposed I could use it the sluggish manual fashion until sometime when I could get a replacement. When I was done brushing, it turned on, and wouldn't turn off, rattling its way along until I had beat it against the bathroom counter and put it back in its plastic bag. Clearly it would need replacement, and I would have to hope it either didn't go crazy again when we were trying to sleep, or that it would wear out its charge. I don't know how long it can go without a fresh charge; previous experience with a similar model suggested more than a week's worth of brushing.

Sometime overnight, skylerbunny got back, and he went to bed, aching from his Plague. Also sometime overnight a water bottle on the endtable vanished, which was discovered (by them) in the morning. Obviously, he'd been in such dehydrated state that he got up mid-night, drank it, thrown the bottle away, and didn't consciously remember doing it. Sicknesses that compel you to get up at a hypothetical 4 am will do that.

Trivia: To brand the caramels his Lancaster Caramel Company produced, Milton S Hershey used the name ``Crystal A''. Premium names within the brand would include Lotus, Paradox, Cocoanut Ices, and an eight-for-a-penny candy named Uniques. Source: Hershey: Milton S Hershey's Extraordinary Life Of Wealth, Empire, and Utopian Dreams, Michael D'Antonio.

Currently Reading: Copies in Seconds: How A Lone Inventor And An Unknown Company Created The Biggest Communication Breakthrough Since Gutenberg --- Chester Carlson And The Birth of Xerox, David Owen.

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