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What a very incredible state of affairs again I find

Back at the con hotel and meeting back up with skylerbunny we got some more time to look at the animals from that charity, although they didn't take the fennec out again while we were present. bunny_hugger needed to go off for something, which worked out well enough as skylerbunny and I went to the art auction and checked on the sake set. Sadly it had already been bid up to be fairly pricey, and it may have already got enough silent bids to go to the Sunday art auction. Disappointing, yes, but there was time yet to go around looking at art that had been hung since we'd visited last week.

Also back at the hotel bunny_hugger and I were able to get our badges, which were done in a lovely pairing --- put together it's the two of us looking devotedly into the other's eyes, and resting on a valentine heart. Separately, we're just gazing into the distance, but as long as we didn't get too far from each other that wouldn't be too baffling. We weren't quite done badge-shopping, though, as bunny_hugger hoped for a little badge which might go with Chitter, her squirrel sidekick and, in this case, puppet. We also bought a couple of glowing sticks, LED-based designs rather than chemical, which would flash in an series of patterns for as long as their batteries held out. We were thinking ahead to what would be fun at the dance tonight, of course, but it was easy to think they'd be fun anytime things weren't too brightly lit.

As we wandered back and forth trying to locate bluerain and everyone else we might go golfing with, we saw first that the room where the dance had been, and where the variety show would be, was incredibly packed through virtue of an enormous line, from people hoping to see ``Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind''. This was some sort of improv-type thing where fifty stories were to be jammed together in an hour, or something to that effect. While curious about just what was going on, we didn't feel up to that crowd or that much noise.

We eventually found bluerain and orv and got some things sorted out: they wanted to eat. This was reasonable enough, but bunny_hugger and I didn't need to in the reasonable future. We wanted to see the Variety Show, at least as much of it as we could. They also wanted to go miniature golfing at the indoor place, which could be expected to take a couple hours even if the group of seven didn't linger the way bunny_hugger and I might together. We figured out a compromise: they'd go somewhere to eat. We'd take in the variety show. When they were well-fed, they'd call us, and we'd get together for golf, hopefully in time to let bunny_hugger and I get back to the dance. That seemed like a workable plan.

Trivia: The Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road's 4 January 1830 contest --- awarding four thousand dollars for a four-wheel, coal-burning locomotive weighing at most three and a half tons, drawing fifteen tons at fifteen miles per hour --- received five entries. One exploded in its trial run; another vibrated badly enough pieces went flying. Source: 1831: Year of Eclipse, Louis P Masur.

Currently Reading: The Best Of Damon Knight, Damon Knight.


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