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And the cows have all gone running home to put their coats on

Oh, yeah, there's the monthly Price Is Right report. December 2009 had a week of reruns, oddly running from Christmas Day through the 30th of December, so that the 31st could see a special New Year's edition with the ``favorite prizes'' of staff and board participants from the year. As they like it. In the Showcase Showdown, overall, the first spinner won 12 times during the month; the second spinner 8 times; the third spinner, 16 times. For the season so far, this gives the first spinner 42 wins, the second spinner 49 wins, and the third spinner 51 wins. This is consistent with the revised hypothesis about the third spinner having an advantage, with the early horrible performance of the third spinner looking more like a freak event.

The lowest winning spin in the Showdown on record now is 10 cents, achieved the 24th of December, although that was after the first two spinners went over a dollar. The lowest competitive winning spin remains 30 cents, which turned up on the 2nd of December when the second and third spinners tied on that. (The first spinner had a meager 10 cents.) The lowest competitive spin that wasn't won by a spinoff remains 50 cents, which most recently came up on the 2nd of December.

In the showcase, the first-revealed was the winner 12 times, the second-revealed 3 times, and there were three double overbids, the first ones of the season. For the season overall the first-revealed has won 54 times, the second-revealed 14 times, and there have been 3 double overbids.

Incidentally, on Let's Make A Deal on the 30th of December one of the Zonk prizes was ``a family of coatimundis'', which announcer Jonathan Manke thought was particularly hard to say. I'd like to include a link to it, but the supposed video link doesn't actually work. Anyway, it's excerpted in the clip ``Purse or Curtain?'' with air date 12/30/09, at least for the next week or two, at (Right this moment it's on the second page of Clips.) It's something very like publicity!

bunny_hugger had a good question about the coatis, who were inexplicably presented as a zonk. At least in the 70s show contestants wouldn't really get the zonks but would instead receive a modest consolation prize of enough value that they shouldn't press their claim to some novelty bit of nonsense. While I don't know with certainty just how the modern Deal works I can't imagine that the show would be more reckless in giving away animals (exotic or otherwise) than they were forty years ago.

Trivia: In the first quarter of 1824, about 250 private bills were filed in the British parliament to set up companies (many of them insurance companies). Source: The Company: A Short History of A Revolutionary Idea, John Micklethwait, Adrian Wooldridge.

Currently Reading: Empire Of The Air: The Men Who Made Radio, Tom Lewis.

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