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Where do you work-a, John

There ought to be a word for the creepy sense of seeing someplace one considers home -- or familiar grounds -- on the news. I get that a lot since there's always things like the World-Record Biggest Harmonica Orchestra going on, but also because news accumulates on Orchard Road or MRT stations. The grisly news yesterday was two people falling off (separate) MRT platforms as trains approached; one died and the other was hurt. That makes four people who've fallen onto tracks since 29 July, including two at Bukit Batok, the station nearest my old apartment.

For now they're just adding recording closed-circuit TV cameras, and bumpers on the floor to give tactile feedback as one walks past the Yellow Line. I suspect another month like this and they'll build doors (or maybe half-walls) for the above-ground stations, like the subterranean ones have.

Past that not much time to encounter things; Wednesday's my big class day, and I've been generating new pictures for an old paper, which is done now. I'm now going to watch some really awful Popeye cartoons, and report if I hear who won the World Stamp Championship. Alas, I didn't make it back to see Beach Stamp Volleyball. Also that western food stand won't serve fried or scrambled eggs, or omelettes, due to the egg shortage; but they will serve less egg-intensive meals like pancakes and French toast. I don't get it.

Trivia: Boeing used 87 engines -- destroying 60 of them -- in testing the original 747 aircraft. Source: The Space Shuttle Decision, 1965-1972, T.A. Heppenheimer.

Currently Reading: Science and Method, Henri Poincaré.


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