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Fresh month, fresh The Price Is Right report: the Showcase Showdowns got to being as uniformly distributed as it was possible to get for the new episodes airing in January 2010. The first contestant won 13 of the spins; the second, 14; and the third, 13 again. For the season in total this gets us to 55 times that the first contestant's gone on to the showcase; 63 times that the second contestant has; and 64 times that the third has. So I think I'm justified in saying the pitiful performance of the third constant early this season was a fluke. In the past two months the relative shortage of the third contestant has been wiped out, although most of that difference was eliminated in December 2009. In either case the second and third contestants are pulling comfortably ahead of the first.

In my showcase-revelation pity watch, they threw my long-murdered hypothesis a bone: the last week of January was the first week since early October that the second-revealed contestant won more often than the first-revealed did. Still, for January, the first-revealed contestant won 14 times; the second-revealed 6 times; and there were no double overbids. For ``free choice'' cases, the first contestant won 7 times over the month and hte second-revealed 4 times. For the season, in total, that's 68 wins for the first-revealed, 20 wins for the second-revealed, the 3 double overbids. In ``free choice'' cases, it's 44 wins for the first-revealed and 18 for the second-revealed.

There weren't any remarkable spinning events, although for another time a contestant won the Showcase Showdown with a mere 55 cents. 50 cents remains the lowest winning spin I've seen. And in the Showcase one contestant overbid by a mere $80. Another fainted on the revelation of a car in her showcase; it was a Dodge Challenger SE. She won.

No fresh coatis popped up on Let's Make A Deal, although an otter was one of the zonk prizes for a curtain teased as being ``wet and wild''. Despite that teasing, the otter didn't have any water nearby.

Trivia: 523 West Point graduates fought in the Mexican-American War. 452 of them won brevet promotions; 49 were killed, and 92 were wounded. Source: The Class Of 1846: From West Point To Appomattox: Stonewall Jackson, George McClellan And Their Brothers, John G Waugh.

Currently Reading: Homesteading Space: The Skylab Story, David Hitt, Owen K Garriott, Joseph P Kerwin.


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