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There'll never be another like it as far as I can see

Now on to a fresh trip report: bunny_hugger visited me over New Year's, and I do want to talk about that, now that the maybe excessively long report of a con and my visit to her are amply described.

She was scheduled to arrive Wednesday night, at about 8 pm, so I started out the day thinking that I'd just have to miss yoga, which usually lets out between 6:30 and 6:45. But my mother pointed out I'd have plenty of time between the end of the class and bunny_hugger's arrival for me to get to the airport, and after a while thinking this over I realized yes, there was plenty of time. So I went to yoga after all.

On getting out of class I realized, after I'd started the car but before I left the parking lot, that it would be a good thing to check my phone and see if anything had changed her anticipated arrival time. It's a good thing it had: she'd left a message about her being late. Her flight was overbooked, and they'd begun offering bribes to people willing to be bumped to a later flight. When the offer for a later flight moved up to a juicy enough price --- an upgrade to first class, for one, and a nice bit in travel vouchers --- she decided to take it, and hoped that I'd understand.

As I was listening to the message, my phone rang: it was skylerbunny. He was calling with much of the same information on the reasonable grounds that in case I failed to check my messages, and I haven't been very reliable about doing that so far, I'd have a better chance of picking up the actually ringing phone. Good thinking, although since I was deep in the voice-mail menu as the call came in I realized that I didn't know how to make my phone stop fussing with the voice mail and answer the specific local voice message. I'm not sure how I got in touch with skylerbunny, whether I got out of voice mail and picked up that call, or whether I called him back right away; but I got the news from him.

It was also during this call that I first heard, from him, the report that argon_centaurhad died. There's probably not a good place to get that kind of news, but the parking lot outside the yoga center and CVS and restaurants I never go to wasn't a good place either. Given the sketchy background detail of the first report the effort to get better information would be a little theme of the next several days.

But with the several extra hours now I had the unexpected time to ... I didn't know what. So I went home, and did some WiiFit exercise and showered and that, remarkably, took up about the right amount of time to drive up for her.

Last time we went to Newark Airport, bunny_hugger and I had this little hide-and-seek where they kept changing the terminal we should be at, both at her arrival and her departure. They didn't do any such late changes of terminal this time, although when I arrived I managed to not be able to fidn where her flight was getting in. The problem is I couldn't find a bank of monitors reporting arrival information, just the departures, which that time of night were all scheduled for the next morning. I'd figured I could get to the appropriate baggage return for her flight, even though she wasn't checking any luggage, but without that information or even an exact time her flight actually touched down I didn't have anywhere particular to go. I did end up walking over a lot of airport looking for information.

Eventually, I found the correct baggage return, which will not surprise anyone by turning out to be just about the first carousel I passed as I walked into the terminal. And near midnight she arrived, and called to confirm just where we'd meet --- she had figured on the baggage return too, showing just how similarly mathematics and philosophy people are trained --- and we were wonderfully happy holding one another together.

The drive home didn't have any really big surprises, apart from how tired both us night people were. I'd been going from about 6 am, after all, and she'd had that strange exhaustion which comes from flying and from spending more time than expected at the airport. So despite the joy of being back together, what we really wanted to do on getting to my parents' house well after midnight was to turn in. We could spend a lot of time looking at each other on the morning.

Trivia: Before the first cruise of the US Navy's Monitor no one had investigated whether the ship's propeller turned to the left or the right; as a result, a faulty valve setting resulted in the main engine turning the wrong direction and cutting the ship's forward speed to about three and a half knots, compared to the contract specification of eight. Source: Monitor: The Story Of The Legendary Civil War Ironclad And The Man Whose Invention Changed The Course Of History, Jams Tertius deKay.

Currently Reading: Homesteading Space: The Skylab Story, David Hitt, Owen K Garriott, Joseph P Kerwin.

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