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From Soho down to Brighton

The good news: An impulse trip to Pasir Ris brought me to a newly-added pinball. The bad news: It was Striker Extreme, one of many efforts to make a soccer-themed pinball game. The game seems above average, though I suspect arcade owners have a service that dirties up playfields, adds extra balls (baffling the computer), and disables upper flippers. The intended Challenge, I think, was getting past a defender, but the it moved so little the shot was easy. My first game scored 32,514,940, getting a replay; my high was 39,379,680. I tend to do better my first game ever than I do the couple right after that. I'm also better when I haven't played in a while.

Manufacturers keep trying sports-themed pinballs, despite the theme never working. I don't know why they don't stick to natural strengths, like amusement parks (Funhouse) and roller coasters (Cyclone). B Movies can inspire good work (Strange Science), though media tie-ins are a toss-up. For every Addams Family or Creature From The Black Lagoon, you get something like P-p-y-. One I'm curious about: In 1974 Williams made a Skylab pinball game. I don't know how you could do that.

Singapore's not a great pinball city, and I suspect somebody closes any arcade I find a good game in. I bet someone's opened an arcade with Secret Service, and Jack-Bot, and Twilight Zone, and Dr. Dude, and Fish Tale, and Tommy, just so they can close it on me. Probably with The Machine: Bride of Pin-bot and Monopoly too.

Trivia: The Primary Avionics Software System for the Space Shuttle General-Purpose Computers is approximately 500,000 words of memory long. Source: Space Shuttle: The History of the National Space Transportation System: The First 100 Missions, Dennis R. Jenkins.

Currently Reading: Science and Method, Henri Poincaré.


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