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We've had some good-sized snows this season already, but on the weekends, raising the ancient point of what good is a snowstorm if it can't get you a bonus day off? But with the threat of an incredibly massive snowstorm for Wednesday on the table, everyone at the office started talking about whether we'd be sent home early, or not come in at all, as early as Monday, and I got excited because a snow day would for a rarity on my new schedule really be a snow day. (On the four-days-a-week plan I'd feel I should come in Friday to make up for a skipped day; but it happens that this week I'm set at five days, to free up an extra day off later this month.)

Yesterday around 1:30 people started walking around the office warning about a meeting at 2:30, which I figured out be in the conference room. It wasn't; it was downstairs, so I was the last to arrive. But the office manager explained that based on the forecasts he was calling for Wednesday to be snowed in, on the grounds that not only did the snow look bad but it looked to keep on snowing, and getting worse --- a rain-freezing-to-ice situation --- over the workday and he didn't want anyone coming out in that. Excellent, except that he did point out, reasonably, that should the storm fizzle out we're to come in anyway. So while it would almost certainly be a day off work, I couldn't in good conscience stay up till all hours like I would a weekend night.

I did wake up at my usual hour --- without my alarm clock, I note to my irritation --- but confirmed that the snow was heavier than it was in the morning and looked to be worse, so I went back to bed. The only trouble now is the slightly passive-aggressive directions for Thursday: that it is to be a work day, unless conditions look too bad for that. As of right now it's still snowing, and there's maybe a foot on the walkway out the front door, that after several hours of rain mid-day.

Since everything has an amusing footnote, just after the office manager made his explanation, several times over in case we didn't get what the ``Wednesday is a day off, unless the storm fizzles out'' concept, the tech support guys who were a whole twenty feet away from him asked what he'd said because they couldn't hear. You know, like news of a snow day doesn't transmit or something.

Trivia: In 1813 missionary societies seeking end of the British East India Company's exclusion of missionaries in its territories sent at least 837 petitions to parliament. Source: The World's Banker: A Story Of Failed States, Financial Crises, And The Wealth And Poverty Of Nations, Sebastian Mallaby.

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