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Oh, the weather outside is frightful

As mentioned, the plan for Thursday was to expect that we'd be in to work, unless conditions prohibited. I didn't expect it would be off, since the storm showed clear signs of tapering off even though the NBC Red Network's station from New York City insisted on delaying the penultimate 11:35 Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien rerun 25 minutes so they could feature more coverage of how it's snowing out, just like the previous 18 hours of programming featured. But the word came, too late to have any real fun with it: Thursday was day off too. Any day you can wake up to the news of going back to sleep till noon is a good day.

Meanwhile, the actual Thursday afternoon turned out to be bright and sunny, and even above freezing, so we had the happy circumstance of a day off, lots of snow, and none of it on the streets or sidewalks. Many of them were even dry. Except it wasn't perfectly in the clear since my car, in the neighbor's driveway, had been buried behind fresh-plowed snow. I don't know why they would have shoveled out most of the driveway and not the ramp from driveway to street; my theory is the people the homeowner's association hired shoveled the driveway out, and then they plowed the streets again, and hadn't been back since. This doesn't quite fit with everyone else having clear driveway paths, but perhaps someone knows that the neighbor isn't actually there and my car is just squatting. (With the neighbors' permission and because they know it makes the house look more occupied.)

So for the first time since moving out of Troy I had to shovel snow. And while I only had a couple linear feet across a two-car driveway to do, plus some space behind my car for completeness, and I'm in much better shape than I've ever been in my life, I realize: boy, I like not shoveling snow. I got about as sweaty as I do in my WiiFit Aerobics, so I suppose I got a free hour of exercise out of it. I also learned there's something about shoveling snow which inspires people to tell you you're doing it wrong. In one case it was my father advising me that I could throw snow out into the street, where it would melt. Yes, but if I threw too much out in the street I'd turn the road into a block of ice come nightfall. And the neighbors across the street were insistent that ``they'' should have shoveled the driveway out. Maybe they should have, but I didn't know who to call and I'd rather have my car out ... only 50, 45, and 40 minutes later.

There's rumors of snow for Monday or Tuesday, the latter of which would give me yet another snow day if it were deep enough. It would also threaten the driveway space as, when there's snow scheduled, my father for some reason parks in the neighbor's driveway next to my car instead of in his own driveway like he does all the rest of the year. With a bit of a margin of snow shelf on either side it's getting a little crowded in there.

Trivia: The International Olympic Committee hoped to have an ice skating competition for the Athens Olympic Games of 1896, but the organizers did not have an ice rink. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle. (Doesn't that somehow sound like an ethnic joke?)

Currently Reading: The Maverick And His Machine: Thomas Watson Sr And The Making Of IBM, Kevin Maney. Is it excessively snarky to note this book by a USA Today columnist has really overly large a typeface? It's not quite a Large Print edition but you can see it from here easily.


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