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And the fire is so delightful

Now, getting to work Friday since there was no chance of that being called off, what with Thursday not featuring a blizzard --- well, by coincidence I'd planned to work this Friday and last so that I could bank days of work for later this month. After agreeing to bank two extra working days, I got two snow days. I can't imagine timing that better except if the snow had hit for Thursday so as to create a five-day (counting Presidents Day) holiday). I suspect even if I hadn't jiggered my days off I'd have felt the need to come in Friday, based on my sense that I should be trying to be in the office four days a week.

Anyway, Thursday's snow day may not have been strictly justified by overall storm conditions, but given the pathetic attempt at street cleaning around the office, yeah, it was the right thing to do. While our overloaded parking lot was cleaned out, the streets around are what might be charitably described as packed snow. I think the city's going in for the ``eventually, snow goes away'' approach. (To be fair, it was a lot of snow, just days after a whole lot more snow; they probably had to prioritize and I can't expect the roads I need to be the highest priority.) And at that I only had a few blocks through it, since I took the highway around that adds a few miles to my commute but cuts several miles of intra-city driving.

Unfortunately, the thing is, there had been snow, and that brings out snowplows, which as heavy machinery capable of moving earth are the mortal enemies of Internet cables. So on entering the first thing I heard was that the Internet was completely out and could be expected to be out all day. (And it wasn't even a plowing problem near us; it was one somewhere in New York state that killed it.) This makes my policy of bringing in hefty tomes to read all the more sensible, since guess whose job to the extent it has responsibilities is wholly based on web thingies on servers not actually anywhere near the office building? It also makes wise the suggestion chefmongoose had of setting iTunes to download podcasts of old-time radio stuff, since I had banked on the local hard drive about ten hours' worth of ... mostly Gunsmoke and The Bob Hope Show, but still enough to listen to that I could stay audio-stimulated the whole day.

Trivia: The Grand Prix of Skiing, held on 12 February 1879, inaugurated a series of prestigious skiing competitions which fed into the creation of the Winter Olympics. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

Currently Reading: The Maverick And His Machine: Thomas Watson Sr And The Making Of IBM, Kevin Maney.


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