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As threatened snow came Monday evening, although it wasn't a very heavy snow and it didn't work too long at it. It'd passed our vicinity, in fact, by about 10 pm, and it seemed to be giving it a try at being freezing rain instead, which made me appreciate being inside and having a comforter and two blankets all the more, even though my right foot still felt cold. Despite this, driving into work, the roads leading up to and around the office were in fairly good shape and pretty respectable for all the weather that'd been dumped on them recently.

The bizarre thing is that the tiny, perpetually overcrowded parking lot we have to use was in far worse shape than it was Friday. Friday it had been fresh-plowed and while a bit smaller than normal was reasonably clear. Tuesday, it was not just smaller from the plowed snow taking up the corners but there were several inches of packed slush, turning parking into a much more randomized process than normal. Considering that under normal circumstances we have to triple-park and have a few slight inches from one column of cars to the next you can imagine the unique challenges this presented. I didn't even try backing into my space, which if you knew how I prefer backing into spots would tell you how erratic a control surface the slush was.

Also, one of the people parked inside the lot of me had to leave before I did, so I got to go downstairs and re-park. Normally I just pull down the alley and turn around; today, a K turn would be impossible, something I realized as I was well down the alley. Nobody but me minds driving down and around an extra block, but, I mind. I should've gone the other way but I didn't realize the slush would be over 400 feet deep.

Trivia: After Per Erik Hedlund won the gold for Sweden in 4:52:03 in the cross-country ski event for 1928, Swedish teams wore his uniform --- white winter gear with red hats --- rather than the previous official blue uniform, until 1976, to honor the feat. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

Currently Reading: Big Blues: The Unmaking Of IBM, Paul Carroll.


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