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I should mention a couple odd little things from work. One was the company owner spotting me as I was walking up from putting in my lunch order; he was talking on his hand phone, as he usually is, and said, ``Oh, you'll know this''. He wanted to know when the meeting with the client, the one who got me hired originally, tomorrow was. I was unaware there was such a meeting. Or whether I was wanted at it for any reason. He went to his office to his office. I never saw him again. I'm trusting (since that tomorrow came and went) he didn't need me. I hope I hear what happened someday, if it proves relevant.

Next: Possibly my faithful readers here remember the co-worker who was wondering about my religious nature and whether I had one. He popped into my office smiling and telling me there was good news, which didn't seem to possibly be related to further unanticipated days off. The good news was that he'd been assigned to be customer support for the first project I'd worked on, the one which got me hired originally. He was looking forward, eagerly, to our working together. I may have mentioned he works at a much higher enthusiasm level than everyone else in the company combined does. This isn't to say I approach my job lethargically, just, I don't find a web site that exciting.

Also I can't think of what customer support for this would be. There's this process of regular updating of databases, which I have a script to run automatically and a web page to run manually if the automation goes awry; and the rest is searching in a couple ways. I suppose the database can be corrupted, or the server can be down, but after that, what's there to support? I'm kind of curious to know what it will be. I just hope someone can modulate between our energy levels.

Trivia: Rather than compromise between the International Ski Federation's policies allowing ski instructors to compete in the Olympics, and International Olympic Committee regulations judging them to be professional skiers and not amateurs, the International Olympic Committee cancelled the Alpine ski competition for the 1940 Winter Olympics (when they were still scheduled to be held in Sapporo). Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

Currently Reading: Emperors Of The Twilight, S Andrew Swann.


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