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Valued things are hard to find

More anomalous things from work, as long as I've got that in mind: the office manager sent an e-mail reporting that he'd been visited by a detective whose name I would surely remember if I had any ability to remember names. But it wasn't in connection to anything particular. The detective just wanted to make it clearly known that he was available for any detective service needs which might arise for any company-related business. I'm not sure whether that extends to any personal detective needs, although since I don't need much detective work done that Slylock Fox doesn't cover I suppose I'm all right there.

I'm just stuck, as often happens, trying to figure out the precursors to this visit and to sending the letter out to all employees. The company's business is such that it's reasonably likely to be in court at least some of the time (much of its work is for various levels of government, so that besides the excitement of what happens whenever someone loses a contract bid, its work I guess would be subject to review when someone is upset at the government's acting on the products of people who actually contribute to the company's value, which is, people other than me), and I suppose there might be times a detective would be needed for independent examination of points in question, but I'm still not really seeing it.

He also sent out a list supplied by the detective of useful phone numbers. Some of them are trivial (do we really need the number for 911, at least until we finally get around to the big transition to 999?); some are for specific departments within police or government agencies which might well save some time in figuring out just who to call if we remember these numbers are on the list at all. I don't know what I'm to do with a phone number for reporting possible building code violations, but if I need to, I can call it more efficiently than I might have before. I guess.

Still I'm tempted to try thinking of some business for the detective to do.

Trivia: Saint Mortiz submitted its application to host the 1944 Winter Olympics by March 1935. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

Currently Reading: Distress, Greg Egan.


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