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I should mention last Friday was another threatened snow day as the weather forecasts called for anything from six inches up to an infinite amount of snow on the ground. Since I'd started my abbreviated workweek on under four hours' sleep and things didn't much improve as far as free time to sleep and unwind went I was hopeful that they might cancel work ahead of the anticipated snow. They didn't, but perhaps Friday day would be horrible enough there'd be no choice. There wasn't; I called in to work and the morning guy was there. I showered and made my way in, through that freezing slushy snow-sleet that reduced the highway to a single lane about 15 miles per hour below the limit and why is that idiot tailgating me? In these conditions?

I got into work about a half-hour late, not bad considering, and they'd brought bagels for a treat. Later in the day the office manager arrived, and he had the pizza fund tapped so that the roughly half of the staff which made it in would be rewarded. I had vague fantasies that the continuing snow might send us home early, but it petered out around lunchtime so there wasn't even that. It was just a slightly slower than usual day at work.

Except that one of the tech guys on the first floor brought in his kids, since they had an unexpected snow day and he had to do something with them. Usually they're content to play on the computers downstairs so they don't get up to the third floor much. In the afternoon they did, though, offering tickets to a 50/50 and at eight to the dollar, why not? And, more, I was called down because I'd won something, as had the other programmer (and only other person that day) on the third floor. It turned out what we won was not so much shares of a cash prize as, for him, a Hershey Kisses bouncing ball, and for me, a braided string. One of the computer support folks reported she found that while she'd bought eight tickets, the official drawing hat they used only had two with her name on them. Some might suspect a low-level scam, but hey, I won a string and didn't have to give a speech for it.

Trivia: Felix Hoffman tested the effectiveness of acetyl salicylic acid by giving it to his father, who suffered rheumatoid arthritis. Source: Napoleon's Buttons: 17 Molecules That Changed History, Penny Le Couteur, Jay Burreson.

Currently Reading: The Year's Best Science Fiction: Third Annual Collection (1985), Editor Gardner Dozois.


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