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Wonder where this world is going to, going to

According to the papers a couple thieves swiped around twenty Apple notebooks from a South Brunswick, New Jersey, Best Buy using what described as ``Mission: Impossible'' type tactics. That is, they lowered themselves through holes cut in the ceiling of the store, positioned so that they'd be behind advertising banners with respect to the security cameras, and without touching the floor so that they didn't set off other alarms.

This story amuses me, partly because the thieves clearly thought that the iPad would be released early in the month and they're probably kicking themselves for not gulping down a couple dozen of those just for waiting a few weeks. And more, I know where that Best Buy is. It's near the Chi-Chis where the family used to go for a Mexican-inspired meal back before the chain imploded in what were surely unintentional poisonings of the customers. I haven't been there in its Best Buy incarnation, but I'm pretty sure I was there when it was a Two Guys, unless it was some other store. It's been there a while.

What really captivates and slightly dates me is thinking, boy, imagine what As The Apple Turns would have made of this story. It would give storylines for months regarding the crack team of impossible mission thieves and the string of sleek, efficient attacks on stores --- there was one last year in Marlton, New Jersey that got 23 Macbook Pros, 14 iPhones, and nine iPod Touches in 31 seconds --- not to mention how the guy behind Dell ... uh ... Dell Dellosivich or whatever it is ... would get all burned up with jealousy and try to form his own crack team of Dell store superthieves. They'd never finish dining on that story. Ah, for the lost days of As The Apple Turns.

Trivia: At the first Academy Awards presentations a special award was given to the Warner Brothers for producing ``the outstanding pioneer talking picture, which has revolutionized the industry''. Source: Goldwyn: A Biography, A Scott Berg.

Currently Reading: The Year's Best Science Fiction: Third Annual Collection (1985), Editor Gardner Dozois.


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