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During the long Saturday of waiting for the cable guy my mother was doing some work on her laptop when it took that most unfortunate of tumbles, off her lap and onto the floor, sending a cat who'd been by the fireplace running. The hard drive made an awful griding scraping noise for about half a minute, and then settled into silence. Was it possible the crash had temporarily deranged the hardware but left it intact? No, it was not; the computer soon stopped doing anything, and on reboot just popped up an icon of a folder with a flashing question mark instead of the Apple silhouette.

So my mother took it, and my father, up to the mall to the Apple store ready to pay for whatever the repairs would be. Fortunately she'd backed up the photos from the hard drive just a week or so ago, and most of the documents she prepares for work she saves on a thumb drive, so she'd lose only a small portion of documents if the hard drive had to be given up on and replaced, which is what the Genius Bar would tell her needed to be done. But installing a new hard drive is quick and a few hours later they were ready for her to pick it up .

I went up instead, with the receipt. As I explained what I was there for to the sentry guarding the Genius Bar and she phoned our name back into the backroom, one of the staff walked past and thought our name sounded familiar. I explained my mother had brought the computer in a few hours before. He figured that was where it was from, since he thought our name was cool. He went back to recover the laptop and show it worked (although it was re-set to scratch, complete with the Welcome video), and he liked my mother's choice of MacBook Pro. He also approved of our zip code, as he lives in the same town.

When I relayed the Apple Genius's approval of our name my mother recognized him, or at least the attitude. She mentioned his tattoos. If he had tattoos I didn't notice them; she said that was impossible. Either it's easy for me to miss a person's tattoos or Apple Geniuses are under orders to feign adoration for obscure Polish last names. I don't know which is less peculiar.

Trivia: Bristol-Meyers sponsored Fred Allen in the Sal Hepatica Revue from 3 January to 14 March 1934. Source: Fred Allen's Radio Comedy, Alan Havig.

Currently Reading: The Ultimate History Of Video Games, Steven L Kent.


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