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Where the image breaks down

So with my flat tire and the emergency spare on --- it's full-radius, although only half the width, and in a slightly embarrassing bright yellow inside the rim rather than the cool black with red spokes of the normal tires --- I went to the dealer's to get them to do something about it. I assume it'd involve patching and re-inflating, although I didn't expect to really get the details down. What I did realize, at work, was that I'd left at home the package of stuff I'd gotten from the dealer when I bought the car, with things like the prepaid maintenance coupons for the 5,000-mile checkups and so on. I did get the tire care package, although I couldn't remember the exact details of it, and wondered a bit whether this would result in strangeness trying to get service. I figured they'd have me in the database anyway, and strangeness will always abound.

At the dealer's, I found outside the service entrance several cars strewn haphazardly around the doors. Now and then one of the doors would start to roll up, at which point a worker would press a button and make the door roll back down. A few minutes later the process would repeat. None of the cars moved. I parked and went inside.

When a worker finally got to me --- he'd been running around --- and was pleasantly surprised by my saying, ``I'm well, thanks, and how are you?'' to his question about how I was he admitted that they were overwhelmed. Maybe it was Toyota Recall business (Scion's not been hit with any yet this year); maybe it was everybody else having punctured tires too. We set an appointment for Wednesday night, during my normal yoga sessions. Actually, he took me to a woman who set the appointment; she protested that he had to learn how to make appointments, and he said, to the effect of, yeah, but he doesn't know how and they're swamped out there.

I returned Wednesday and over the course of my yoga class they determined the problem was a subtle one --- the beads, whatever they are, on the inside of the tire were poorly sealed and the tire had to be taken off the rim and re-set and re-sealed. That was done, though, and I could drive off contentedly.

Trivia: The first question of CBS's Professor Quiz program, in March 1937, was ``what is the difference between a lama with one `l' and a llama with two `l's?'' The contestant did not know. Source: Quiz Craze, Thomas A DeLong.

Currently Reading: The Mermaid And The Messerschmitt: War Through A Woman's Eyes, 1939 - 1940, Rulka Langer.


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