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But what Frank-shaped void could they possibly fill?

The obituary of Bill F Livingston.

Among many things, Bill Livingston was a friend, in that odd set of friends I have from the Internet whom I've only ever talked with through electronic methods. I'm not sure I've seen a picture of him, and certainly don't know his voice, but that doesn't affect matters any. He was, it seemed, effortlessly and unceasingly funny, with just the right touch to whatever joke he was crafting. He also resisted the temptation to keep a beard he'd grown for a church play, but we all make some incorrect decisions.

He was also a prolific writer of fan fiction, particularly of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan fictions. Back in the glory days of Web Site Number Nine and of I recall one of the annual awards ceremonies suggesting, briefly, a Best Bill Livingston MiSTing of the year, which would have been a deserving and rich category. (This may sound self-centered, but I remember writing in response to one of his MiSTings that I wished I'd written it myself, and he understood the kind of admiration that meant. It's always special to know someone you can communicate with that well.) We even co-authored a few MiSTings of the incomparable stories of Marrissa Picard written by Stephen Ratliff, and I'm annoyed that we aren't going to get to do that again. And that he's not going to see the completed ``Endeavor's Beginning''. Or the next Rifftraxx theater event. Or a large list of other things.

To borrow from seawasp, enough with the dying already, people.

Trivia: The first computer used for scriptwriting for Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a four megahertz Xerox 8088 with no hard drive but twin floppies, which had been abandoned at the KTMA television studios by a client for a station shoot. Source: The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Amazing Colossal Episode Guide, Trace Beaulieu, Paul Chaplin, Jim Mallon, Kevin Murphy, Michael J Nelson, Mary Jo Pehl.

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