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Why does September seem sunny as spring?

Today was the first sunny day in a while. Not an excessively long while, actually, just the first since Friday or Saturday. It's just that it was very rainy in the meanwhile. We've had enough rain to make one suspect that my aunt the rain goddess was visiting. She wasn't. She's spent the whole month at her home in Rhode Island which, you may have heard, washed out to sea the 26th. My mother asked my aunt's husband if they had shorefront property yet; he pointed out that they were nearly eighty feet above sea level. While it shows his willingness to answer literally joke questions, I note that it isn't actually a denial.

Meanwhile at home we're getting closer to sea level. The house is on the far end of one of the golf course's water hazards, and the water is getting very hazardous. The drain pipe parts and even the fountains meant to pretend to keep algae from growing and geese from staying too long are far under water, and while there's still some margin between the water level and the end of the curving-off of the lawn down to the water hazard. Still, another weekend like we've been having and we might be under water. I'll let you know.

Personally, and speaking as someone without anything that's being leaked on, I like it. It's more interesting driving in the rain, anyway, and think of all I'm saving on car wash expenses. The down side is that the winter and the spring rains have turned the roads into a vague approximation of pavement draped loosely on a network of potholes. Still, what are the odds that it's going to churn up my tires?

The news-and-weather natterers on the morning chat show said in the past twelvemonth the area's had 75 inches of rain. It's a bit intimidating to consider rainfall totals taller than I am, although I'm fairly sure I still float even considering my weight loss.

Trivia: Oddi Helgason, sometime in the 11th century, refined the Icelandic calendar from its earlier incarnation (with occasional intercalary weeks) so that summer would always begin on a Thursday between the 9th and 15th of April. Just how is unclear. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: Magnificent Desolation, Buzz Aldrin, Ken Abraham. Now, see, even the jaded space-history reader like me who's read so many of these things he can outline whole chapters without seeing them can learn stuff still. For example, I had no idea that John Denver was at the launches of both Apollo-Soyuz 1 and Apollo-Soyuz 2.


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