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Well, the Magic World of Soap Bubbles weekend on Spindizzy went rather well, from appearances. Most people seem to have taken the chance to step slightly out of character and try something surreal. Great thanks must go to blither, who was the driving force behind it and gave the event form, structure, and descriptions.

I only wanted to strangle people two times over the weekend; the first, a pair who were determined to take a maybe once-in-a-lifetime chance to live balanced between surface tension and the ideal gas law to discuss Bush's appearance at a NASCAR event (granted, as a social-and-roleplay muck it's impossible to avoid such mixes; last week I managed to fuse a critique of the many ways in which Star Trek: Nemesis failed to a perfectly good event of swapping ears with a rabbit, but I want to strangle myself for doing that too); the other, a couple comments from people tired of the weekend to ``kill all bubbles,'' apparently oblivious to one of the shyest characters on the muck having stepped out in a soap bubble morph. Real empaths are rare on mucks, which is safer for all concerned as they can wield almost wizardly power, but I do expect people to realize that a soap bubble might feel threatened if you say you want the soap bubbles popped. They apologized, but it was aggravating that it happened at all.

Still, it's always good fun to step outside the normal. I'm torn between trying to arrange more of the events and keeping them down to one a month or fewer. Can't have people getting jaded to the events and not being afraid of missing one of them. But, heck, people want to sponsor them, we'll have them.

Trivia: The average Linotype machine would set lines of up to 30 pica lengths. Source: Printer 1 & C, Navy Training Courses Navpers 10458, Bureau of Naval Personnel.

Currently Reading: The Origins and Development of the English Language, Thomas Pyles and John Algeo.


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