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By the way, that box of chocolate-covered mint cookie dough bits that I got at the airport? I finally ate it, although not the night she left for home. What happened was we planned to see a movie, How To Train Your Dragon, as nearly synchronously as we could in our separate locations, and before setting out I thought it'd be fun to sneak the four ounce box into the movies. I never sneak food into the theaters, so why not start with something bought while I was visited by a professional ethicist? Thus before leaving I slipped the box into my jacket's inside pocket, in the fold well-sized for paperback books.

That's not to say I didn't get into a panic about being caught. I had time between buying my ticket and the showtime, so I went to the nearby Target to see what was new in pants or the like. This would be a pretty successful shopping expedition, as I found a couple of shirts suitable for work that looked decent enough and feel pretty good. And I wandered around looking at what else might be interesting. The big discovery was that the belated realization that the layout of the store, which I'd never got into, was actually exactly like the Target nearer the house that I do understand. The stores are aligned nearly 180 degrees opposite each other, relative magnetic north. Once I'd made the mental adjustment I was able to shop much more efficiently.

In any case, I was wandering around the candy aisle and thinking of what might be tasty, to take home, or into the theater, when the box in my jacket brushed my chest and I realized: they'd have a pretty good prima facie case for calling me a shoplifter, if they noticed it. Assuming Target sells that size Cookie Dough Bites, I mean. Now, I've never been suspected of shoplifting enough to be stopped or talked to or even consciously noticed, but does that affect me? No, and I fall into a ``just act natural'' internal spiral that I hoped wouldn't make me look too obviously guilty. At about the point that the Artful Dodger, played by Tommy Lasorda, stopped in to slap me silly I realized the best thing to do was just buy my stuff and leave and if I don't actually leap up onto a counter and shout, ``I'VE GOT A BOX OF CANDY AND I'M NOT PAYING YOU FOR IT!'', I would likely get away with it.

I got away with it, and got it into the theater, and they were quite sweet. This candy thing at the movies just might catch on.

Trivia: Cape Cod, Massachusetts, received the name in 1602 from English explorer Bartholomew Gosnold. Source: Mayflower: A Story Of Courage, Community, and War, Nathaniel Philbrick.

Currently Reading: The 1982 Annual World's Best SF, Editor Donald A Wollheim.


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