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Sing you a song like the wind in the sandy loam

There was one last thing after the game was over: finding someplace to eat. Actually, with my Cracker Jack buzz I'd probably have been fine going home and making a peanut butter sandwich or something, particularly as bunny_hugger didn't know where I was, but I trusted that skylerbunny would be able to tell her. I would learn later that he had no idea who my text messages were coming from or what the heck any of them meant.

My brother, who works in Newark, was thinking of a Chinese restaurant not far from the Prudential Center and perhaps it would have been a good choice except that it was closed, and the street was partly roped off by tape warning about it being a construction site. (Somebody was tearing up a parking lot; I assume they were supposed to do that.) We started walking around the area looking for some other restaurant which would be open and which would have a non-meat dish since it was still Good Friday.

When the next three restaurants my brother or my father recommended turned out to be closed --- well, who expects to do any business in view of a sports arena the night of a game? --- and we gave passing thought to a Burger King we came to a Mexican restaurant which wasn't giving in to the pressure to close early. And they had several shrimp-based options, which my father took, and a vegetarian burrito which my brother (who's horribly allergic to pretty much every sea-based life form) and I had. The waitress was very concerned that we understand the burrito had no meat in it, just beans and cheese, and we reassured her that was fine. She still looked warily at us. I didn't think the Catholic thing about meat on Good Friday was unknown to Mexican restaurants.

With the hour drawing ever-later still, we walked back towards where we beleived our parking lot to be, and waved to my brother as he got on the train, since he can commute to home easily by mass transit. After he left my father asked if I'd paid my brother for the ticket. Ah, no, we hadn't really got to that.

My car, sitting almost alone in the parking lot, had a white sheet of paper tucked under the windshield wiper and taped to the glass.

Trivia: In late spring 1749 Benjamin Franklin linked together a large enough battery to prepare electrically-fried turkey for his and friends' dinner. Source: Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, Walter Isaacson.

Currently Reading: Will In The World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare, Stephen Greenblatt.


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