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In the not too distant future

[ Sorry to appear so very late; we had a power failure following heavy thunderstorms. But on the good side, I had time to continue my Hearts Of Iron II game into 1943 --- and, finally, the Allies get into the war --- before my battery wore down. ]

I'm a longtime fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000; I'd have been a longer-time fan if I had listened to friends sophomore year telling me I'd love this show, but those friends had been horrifically mistaken about how much I would love Ren and Stimpy and so I missed out for several years, not to mention their live tour when it came to my campus. And I've been to two Rifftrax Live events, albeit at remote theaters. When Cinematic Titanic announced its tour I was happy to find they'd be doing two shows either of which I could easily find.

The more attractive-looking one was in Princeton, which would be not too far from work. I'd have time to go to the mall with the outdated store directory and now an absence of book stores, but also poke around the hobby store near there, and ... oh, wait, that was scheduled for a Friday. Well, I could go in on a Friday and take Monday off that week or the next one. And then my other brother, the one now in Massachusetts, had a fine idea: he could come down to the show in Manhattan, the next day, and we could go together. And he could even ring up a friend of his, someone he'd been to college with, now working in Queens. So that became the plan: I'd forget Princeton and go to the Manhattan show. It'd give me a chance to toddle around midtown anyway.

And then, as the Cinematic Titanic date drew near, my brother had to bail out. He's got a fine job, working as researcher for some group that does stuff I never quite got right, and they lavish on him nice bonuses like an allowance for his car that would cover the payments if it weren't already paid off (plus he bikes into work), but in trade, they demand and get him on-call on short notice and for any contiguous days as they want, and now, they wanted him that Saturday. Whoops. (He still gets the car bonus.)

Trivia: In preparing Gordon Cooper's Mercury capsule for its daylong fight some 183 changes to its basic configuration (it was designed for three orbits) were necessary, as opposed to the 20 required for Wally Schirra's six-orbit flight. Source: Deke!, Donald K Slayton, Michael Cassutt.

Currently Reading: Alexander Cartwright: The Life Behind The Baseball Legend, Monica Nucciarone. Huh. So that whole Johnny-Appleseed-of-baseball thing is a bit overstated, as in basically total nonsense. Of course, I suppose if I looked into it I'd learn that Johnny Appleseed had nothing to do with apples anyway.


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