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He did a good job cleaning up the place

Finally and about an hour late my brother's friend and everyone else walked in, famished and not as worried as I was that we had about a half-hour to sit down, order, eat, and get up to Times Square before the doors opened for Cinematic Titanic. But the doors opened an hour before the show did, and my friend, the one substituting for my brother, had worked out that he could get there sometime during that hour if he left for it right after work, so perhaps it would all work out and the worst that would happen is we'd lose some time standing around the theater waiting for things to happen.

Ah, but, I could see the friends --- one male, one female --- that my brother's friend was bringing in from Brooklyn and see if the wildly improbable chance that they were bunny_hugger's brother and his girlfriend paid out. And it turned out ... no, they were people I'd never seen before and that I suppose I'll never see again. But it was possible.

The restaurant was vegetarian, like the ones I had gotten to with bunny_hugger which make simulated meat out of gluten or whatever, and my brother's friend knew the restaurants which bunny_hugger and I had been to in that area back in December, it happened. But the menu was careful to specify on some of the menu items footnotes explaining they were made of wheat gluten, leaving me unclear just what the ``chicken'' or ``beef'' or ``fish'' of other items were, and come to think of it the menu doesn't actually list a blanket disclaimer about what the meat-like items are ... I ordered a yaki udon and figured it wasn't really my problem.

What was my problem: although I got a slightly large entree, everyone else got dinners that were brobdingdangian in their size. This was enough food to overflow the table, enough to spend all evening eating and still not finish it. While some of us knew and remembered we had this show to get to soon, several people here were just there to eat, and not in any particular hurry, and showed it. I accepted we were going to eat into the one-hour doors-open margin, but had no idea how much of that margin we were going to eat into.

Trivia: Thomas Edison's caveat for the kinetograph filed in 1888 suggested that moving pictures might be projected onto a white screen; this potential application was omitted when the actual patent was applied for in 1891. Source: Edison: A Biography, Matthew Josephson.

Currently Reading: Project Vanguard: The NASA History, Constance McLaughlin Green, Milton Lomask. (NASA SP-4202)


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