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We'll try so hard to slow the plot down

My worst fear about getting to Cinematic Titanic was that it might work like shows on Broadway often do and that once the `curtain' went up people would not be seated until an intermission. But I reasoned that the crowd gathering for Joel and folks making fun of movies was probably not the same as the crowd gathering for August: Osage County and perhaps the rules were different. We got in with only a little confusion from the ticket-scanner, who wanted to know who was covered by the tickets what person had, and we darted down stairs and along hallways back and forth and found the main theater where, to our relief, they hadn't started yet. We just had to find our seats and ... ah! My friend who'd come up separately was right there. I texted him a quick message that we were watching him. He didn't receive it until after the show, when it really baffled him.

He hadn't seen me in years, not since before my big weight loss, although I'd seen him since he started his big weight gain. His verdict was that we had somehow swapped body types, which is more accurate than you might guess. And he couldn't resist grabbing hold of me and picking me up, which hasn't happened a lot to me since I stopped being six. I don't remember being in the habit of picking him up and swinging him around when he was thin and I was not, but it's possible. We had some quick introductions which my brother's friend was happy to handle so I got through the night without having to admit forgetting anyone's name, and good.

Seated behind us were some people who took advantage of the drinks available by flagging down a waitress, and who would continue to do so all evening. They were loud enough to distract my friend, although all I noticed was now and then there'd be puddles of spilled beer which might have threatened my messenger bag had my seat not been on this little riser thing. And we ... waited, since it turned out we were rather early despite the confusion over just when the show started. We had plenty of time to get a little restless despite a soundtrack that, I believe, included various They Might Be Giants-type amusing-nerdy songs.

Trivia: On 26 June 1940 the Soviets abandoned the chestidnevki, the universal day of rest, and restored Sunday to the official calendar. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: The Great Game: The Struggle For Empire In Central Asia, Peter Hopkirk.


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