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[ Yes, late ... bunny_hugger is visiting. I'll be in a good mood all week. ]

My big project last weekend was going down to the Washington, DC, area to interview for the potential job. I'd wanted very much to go by train, since I don't like driving, and it's too near for an airplane, and their travel coordinator did what she could to figure out ways to get me down there without the long drive. Unfortunately the only train service offered between central New Jersey and the Washington, DC, area, leaves New Brunswick about 6:40 am and runs once per day. At that I considered it --- I could probably sleep at my brother and his wife's place --- but they'd have to reschedule my first interview and hope the train wasn't late. Plus they had to schedule things around a campus ``Town Hall'' meeting and, well, that's how I ended up driving.

This was, as far as I could remember, the first time I've driven my new car out of the state, most of it on the classic I-95. I figured I could set out after the regular work day and get there in the early evening because as my parents noted, it's just a couple hours from where I work to the Nation's Capital. Here's one problem: somehow, every time I drive long-distance it takes me way longer than it takes everyone else in the world. Some of that's my fault, in that I'll take breaks every hour-to-hour-and-a-half, when normal drivers make do with two or three-hour breaks, and I magnified it this time by actually sitting down and eating a modest snack in the Dunkin' Donuts rather than eating in the car. But I still ended up needing nearly four hours for the drive, which is way longer than it should have.

Anyway, I checked in successfully, and found to my modest surprise that the hotel Internet that they claimed would be available was ... actually ... well, there was a little sign saying one could sign in just by accepting the hotel Internet's Wi-Fi and opening a web browser. The web browser wanted a user name and password. The sign didn't say anything about user names or passwords. According to the hotel desk, the user name and password to use where ``guest'' and ``guest'', and I told them I had written down the wrong license plate for my car, writing by accident the one for the old, Sable of Frequent Malfunctions. Nevertheless why one should need such a user name and password left me at a loss.

Trivia: Louis Pasteur was appointed a senator by Napoleon III, but the appointment had not taken effect by the time of the emperor's abdication. Source: Louis Pasteur, Patrice Debré, Translatd by Elborg Forster.

Currently Reading: Armageddon Averted: The Soviet Collapse 1970 - 2000, Stephen Kotkin.


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