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The smell of grass just makes you pass

Almost the first thing the recruiter asked was whether I'd like to stay an extra night on their tab. They'd realized belatedly that Friday is a bad evening to spend driving up the Mid-Atlantic States, which they might have realized before except they've had a frantic month and their workweek usually ends Thursday and early summer Thursday is very different from early summer Friday. I admitted that I'd just asked the hotel to reserve the extra day myself; they promised they'd call and get the bill transferred over to them, or if that were impossible they'd reimburse me once I sent them the bill. Certainly this simple arrangement could not lead to any problems.

The first interview session was with the recruiter, also the person I'd e-mailed and chatted on the phone with, and part of it was actually going into things like how I teach and how I approach classes. I had fully expected some sort of teaching demonstration, but that wasn't asked for, which was one of the things making me feel uncertain about this job. It feels like it should be prerequisite to getting a teaching position at some point in the interview process.

After this I was brought to another person, an assistant chair for mathematics and computer science although not for their Asia/Pacific program. He didn't seem exactly sure why he was interviewing me, and I admit I'm not sure either except that I suppose he knew more of the specific course schedules, to the extent that different schools in the university share schedules. He was extremely positive and prone to nodding on everything I said, which made me feel good for the first several things and then left me feeling like this was a spectacularly pointless interview. Still, that went well.

Trivia: On 21 June 1720 the South Sea Company announced a dividend of 30 percent for the year (£30 on a share of £100 nominal price), and a guaranteed 50 percent dividend for the next twelve years. Source: Devil Take the Hindmost, Edward Chancellor.

Currently Reading: The City Machine, Louis Trimble.


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