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Feel the magic, hear the roar

I bought a comic book, the ThunderCats the First Exciting Issue. ``First'' and ``Issue'' are correct, but it's more Exposition than Exciting. Lion-O contracted Old Age, WilyKat is off living in disgrace, and dog-aliens are invading New Thundera. Also there's new hyperactive twins WilyCub and WilyCat to fill the Wendy and Marvin role that WilyKit and WilyKat used to. That's the whole book. Probably First Exposition Issue wouldn't sell so well.

I got it at 7-Eleven, though, in a real (plastic) rack of comics that, you know, anybody can see. Similar racks are in Popular (a books-and-school-supplies chain) and Kinokuniya (a Japanese book chain with an infinitely large Orchard Road store). It's A5 size, a smaller but more convenient size than U.S. comics. Gotham Comics reprints Marvel and D.C. books, so the same people print Fantastic Four and Superman. Gotham Comics is headquartered in New Jersey.

There are some U.S.-style comic book shops here, cramped oddly-placed stores with faded posters blocking all ambient light, with a huge miniatures game in its 40,000th day crowding the floor, with back-issue boxes jammed full to 350 psi, and a Malaysian Jay and Chinese Silent Bob in the corner staring angrily at any foolish strangers. But since I can go to non-oppressive places I'm buying more comics now.

Trivia: Charles D.B. King claimed a 234,000-vote margin of victory for the 1928 presidential election in Liberia. The total electorate was under 15,000. Source: 1982 Guinness Book of World Records, Norris McWirther.

Currently Reading: 2150 A.D., Thea Alexander. I don't like utopias where everybody's happy because they're standardized. In James Blish's juvenile novel Mission to the Heart Stars the hero convinces the nigh-omnipotent aliens regulating the galaxy's mortal politics that vitality comes from the steady chaotic foam of a statistical equilibrium, not from fixed roles, and I like that more.


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