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It's quite a trip for me, so this is reality

Tuesday dawned with the promise of being something of a slow day, since the center of it was to be bunny_hugger's dental appointment. I had assumed that I'd go with her to the office, although I did expect to have to wait outside, dentists not generally needing the advice of underemployed mathematicians for their work. She hadn't thought about it and was a bit surprised that I wanted to. Still, we headed out together and I sat in the waiting room while hoping eagerly for news about her teeth. (She's got teeth still.)

This was not the entirety of what we hoped to do Tuesday. The main thing we were interested in doing was going to a movie, in particular, Despicable Me. Despicable Me we admittedly didn't expect very much from, but the trailers made it quite clear there would be a scene featuring a roller coaster ride, and that was plenty to go to a movie for. We've had generally good luck in picking movies, without having a real disappointment yet even if some just didn't give us much to think about afterwards. (The least exciting so far, I think, might be G Force, although even there we were left thinking about the logic behind the G Force program and why anyone would think it wouldn't go horribly wrong.)

From the earliest trailers, and from the first couple scenes, Despicable Me looked like it would be an entertaining escalating-conflict struggle behind experienced and old and, honestly, somewhat failed supervillain Gru and up-and-coming yet unproven supervillain Vector. bunny_hugger and I were looking forward to that movie, although that only lasted a little while before giving way to another, the way the somewhat tactical adoption of a pack of adorable orphans changes Gru's life and his heart. It was his adoption of the kids which motivated the visit to the best-looking pier amusement park ever, and so the roller coaster ride, which looked like a very good roller coaster except that the loop-the-loop seemed to be done inauthentically slow. (bunny_hugger identified it as going too slowly; I felt there was something off about it but couldn't quite place what besides that it felt too smooth. I was a physics major.)

But for yet another shared movie together we were pleased with it, and we had some fun working out the logic of the posited world --- which seems to have supervillains as just one of the many side nuisances of modern life, but no superheroes to match them --- and the logic of the plot. Putting aside the speed with which Gru adopted the kids in the first place --- and my brother and his wife could, if asked, talk about how achingly long a process this actually is --- the plot convolutions see the orphanage taking the kids back, and then his somehow getting them back again, which seems like it should need more explanation than that it's the kind of movie which has a happy ending. One of the supporting cast --- Gru's vaguely related mad scientist --- has a change of heart which also seems necessary for the happy ending but not motivated by what went before. (I'd also noted how I thought he was being set up to serve a different plot role, but the movie assigned that task to another yet at least as logical a character.)

I should also note that we got popcorn with powdered toppings. Out here in New Jersey there just aren't the flavors to put on movie theater popcorn other than butter-inspired oil spread. I can't figure why the midwest should get nacho cheese or cheddar or all these other varieties to themselves.

After the movie we had some shopping to do. For one, we had plans to go to Michigan's Adventure amusement park that week, preferably Wednesday, and bunny_hugger could buy tickets on discount ahead of time at Meijer's. For another, at Michigan's Adventure were water rides, and later in the week we had plans to go to the beach, and I needed a swimsuit. I had two swimsuits, recently purchased from Sears where I could find solid and unembarrassing ones. What I had not done, somehow, was to pack them. Hopefully they'd have something I could wear.

We did at Meijer's find bathing suits, none too expensive, and even one that was tolerably close to my ideal, which is to be a single color not too interesting. I'm like that. What we couldn't find was the way into the fitting room to make sure it was reasonably suited to my waist. I've managed in my weight loss to drop out of the range where I have trouble finding stuff that fits because I'm too enormous to having trouble finding stuff that fits because it drops off my waist. What we needed to do was find a sales clerk to unlock the fitting room, however.

You know how it is: if you're painfully shy like bunny_hugger and I are, you can't fend off sales clerks, except when you want one at which time they'll give you the space you need to feel comfortable, which is enough space to play polo. There were supposed to be ways to signal that you actually want a clerk, but they weren't near the fitting room door, and I considered taking it to be a tolerable fit based on holding it up to my waist and looking. But near the end of the aisle we found the phone, and called, and soon the door was unlocked and I confirmed, the one suit I could plausibly buy was good enough.

We also had a few other things to buy: soda, some apples for snacking, that kind of thing, with a key one being cough drops, as my little nagging cough was still not giving up. I know I must have had a nagging cough in some previous visit although I can't place just which one, because I remembered getting ginger ale-flavored cough drops again from Meijer's and I'd liked that. But while the cough drops aisle was impressively sized we couldn't find ginger ale flavors. Actually, we forgot about that particular flavor until afterwards, although we spent enough time looking at the alternatives that we should have spotted them if they were there. Anyway, we got ``warm apple pie'' flavored cough drops, again a flavor I did not know existed, and wow was that great. It tastes good enough to be worth eating as candy.

If I remember right, that evening I was feeling sleepy enough to take a two-hour nap, and that left me feeling very refreshed and ready for the remainder of the evening with bunny_hugger, and her rabbit, and also chatting with friends online.

Mostly, though, while we'd have liked to find ginger ale cough drops, we'd like to emphasize how good an idea warm apple pie is as an alternative.

Trivia: John Ericcson's firm did not receive the final payment from the United States Navy for the construction of the USS Monitor --- in the sum of $68,750 --- until the 14th of March, 1862, about a week after its famous battle with the Merrimac. Source: Monitor: The Story Of The Legendary Civil War Ironclad And The Man Whose Invention Changed The Course Of History, James Tertiius deKay.

Currently Reading: Dushau, Jacqueline Lichtenberg. She mentions in the introduction one of the fanzines for her Sime/Gen series, which I think I did read way back when, and I realize I don't know why she'd have a fanbase widespread and organized enough to support fanzines. There's some structure-bringing element here I'm not aware of. (The Sime/Gen book seemed good enough, as I remember, but not like Star Trek fascinating.)


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