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The afternoon is heavy on your shoulders

My chat with my advisor about possible research turned out well, and I'm going ahead with some numerical simulations in my copious spare time. But for getting actual work, you know, paid for it ... well, he had a grant for a quarter-postdoc position, and it might be redirectable over to me as a consultant instead, but it would need approval from the Army Department of Issuing Science Money to do so, and that guy was going to be at the school a week from Monday so ...

So: I spent time building a PowerPoint (actually, Keynote) poster showing just what we hoped to do, and organized plans for getting to Troy, New York. Then I redid the poster as a series of about ten slides because the poster looked horrible printed out as a poster. I never got just what the issue was, but given the differences between Mac and Windows fonts, and the images I was working from as background material, and that I didn't even know the department had a poster-size printer available much less what it did, I'm not surprised the poster didn't work.

Getting up there, now, that worked very smoothly: I could take the bus up to the Port Authority, take the subway to Grand Central Station, and take Amtrak up to Troy [1], there to stay at a hotel, assuming there was one in the area. And as my advisor pointed out, I should get receipts for everything because it was all reimbursable. I'm getting really fond of the reimbursable lifestyle.

It was in setting up reservations for all this that I realized I'd never actually booked a hotel room for myself before; fortunately the Internet makes this relatively easy as long as the hotel's web site doesn't do those freak things that make browsers crash. And I realized I didn't know if train tickets, particularly for a quasi-commuter-like line such as runs from New York to Albany, were best purchased with reservations the way plane tickets are or whether I could just stride up to the counter in Penn Station and buy one. (I could.) It'd be an adventure anyway.

[1] I am aware seawasp is in that vicinity and might even tolerate meeting me, and if I'd expected to have more than a brief slice of one night to be in the area before being ensconced in meetings I'd have tried arranging something. It would turn out I had even less time than I imagined I might have, although if the visit gets repeated I'm going to try for a more forgiving schedule which might allow such a luxury.

Trivia: The first tenant in Rockefeller Center's RKO building was News-Week magazine. Within a decade Rockefeller Center would also house Time, Fortune, Life, the New York City office of US News, and the Associated Press headquarters. Source: Great Fortune: The Epic Of Rockefeller Center, Daniel Okrent.

Currently Reading: Silver Princess, Golden Knight, Sharon Green.


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