austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

The rain comes down but I don't care

``You know what's the most important property to have in a bookbag?''

``Ideally some property for which `blissful' is an applicable adjective.''

Going to the Rifftrax show, and an outbreak of actual work at work, left me unable to spend as much time thinking about this as I wanted to, which is not to say I'm apologizing for the way this turned out, although I probably will do that anyway. Sorry. You know me.Collapse )

Trivia: American Airlines saved $40,000 per year in the 1980s by cutting the olives out of in-flight dinner salads. Source: Moveable Feasts, Sarah Murray. (You'd think they'd have had to hire extra people to take out all those olives, but what do I know?)

Currently Reading: Why Most Things Fail, Paul Ormerod. Oddly, while it establishes pretty well that most things fail, it doesn't get much into explanations of what goes wrong other than that ``people have very little idea how many possible non-desired consequences there are nor how likely so many of them are''.


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