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I am the walrus

Every instructor believes some of his students are from another dimension. My current example is the one who -- permitted to turn his assignment in late -- didn't put it in my mailbox or slide it under my door, but folded it, tucked it in the door handle, and left it all weekend. Who thinks like that?

At least 2,500 people have been caught trying to smuggle eggs into Singapore since poultry imports from Malaysia were banned when bird flu was detected in northern provinces about a month ago. The ban blocks about two-thirds of the three million eggs consumed daily. Oscar, the Food Safety Otter, will review the ban and will possibly allow poultry from southern Malaysia soon.

My supermarket has a dozen (Australian) eggs for S$6.20, about a Big Mac Meal's cost. The Western food kiosk suspended their omelette, French toast, and pancake breakfasts; that was all their breakfasts. So now they sell ... a grilled cheese sandwich, hash brown and sausage, S$1.50. I wonder if you can get maple syrup. The Japanese kiosk suspended chawan mushi, but still has chicken-intensive dishes like oyako don (teriyaki chicken with egg gravy).

To date the poultry shortage hasn't changed my lifestyle. Just lucky, I guess.

Trivia: Henry II, King of England and Normandy, in 1168 suppressed a rebellion (partly) lead by Robert of Silly. Robert was executed, but his brother (and another ringleader) Hugh of Silly survived. Source: Henry II: The Vanquished King, John Tate Appleby.

Currently Reading: The Decline and Fall of the Ottoman Empire, Alan Palmer.


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