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I'm all cracked up on the highway, Mama, by the water's edge

And the missing Buick of mystery is found: not through some arduous process such as looking for it, or even asking my father what became of the missing car, but rather by happening to look at my father's Twitter feed. My father, both brothers, and brother-in-law have Twitter feeds and I actually find out relatively accurately what's going on in their lives from reading it, on the days when I do think to read it. My father and brothers are pretty straightforward, particularly since they've gotten into FourSquare so I can find the slightly inaccurate descriptions of where they are, and my brother-in-law tweets cryptically about the fast food restaurants he wishes were in New Jersey. I also follow the Twitter feeds of at least two imaginary squirrels (Bob The and Conan O'Brien's).

What had become of the car was: it was in the garage. I'd have never guessed. The car has never, except possibly on the day its sale closed, been able to fit two cars in the garage, and rarely does it manage one, although my father had been clearing stuff out for a while now. And he made it. The Buick Something does indeed sit, like a huge, squat, minor boat, filling the space from garage door to recycle bin.

I'm not positive how the Buick rates garage treatment when my mother's been mildly irritated that her Toyota hasn't fit in the garage since February, but it may be simple parking logistics: she leaves earlier and arrives home later than he does, and her parking in the driveway avoids turning her departures into an automoballet. It won't stand, of course, whatever becomes of the Buick and the Jeep and how long either of them remains in the family. But I realize if I checked my father's Twitter feed more reliably, or took more recyclables out to the garage, I'd have discovered the answer sooner.

Trivia: David Dunbar Buick made his money in plumbing and bathroom fittings before going into the automobile business. Source: Ford: The Men And The Machine, Robert Lacey.

Currently Reading: The Second Book Of Fritz Leiber, Fritz Leiber. It's got a rather lesser follow-up to a factual essay I remember from the First Book, about various popular languages, how they get written down (and mangled) into Roman letters, and how to untangle some of how they should be pronounced. Still, his nonfiction stuff is always and reliably interesting, so I'm glad for any of it; shame it's so rare.


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