austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Old rocking chair's got me

My office is becoming a crowded place.

It's not that I have to share it with anyone. The third floor is basically reserved for programmers, since the tech guys and and client services people have reason to be in communal grounds, and the secretaries have the second floor offices (along with the owner and a vice-president who's occasionally in), and even if they suddenly hired a bunch of programmers there's two offices and one secluded room that could be an office before they'd have to think about doubling up. And it's not about the owner helicoptering in so very often, although he is doing that more often than he used to.

What's happened is I've had meetings, some with the owner and a guy from the other office the company has; some with the representatives of a web service we have been trying for two years now to get installed and running, and which involves spending several months convincing them that we want this stuff and have signed every possible non-disclosure agreement about it, and their assuring us they think it's a great project and we'll really have things moving soon, and then their software doesn't work.

In its original state my office had one chair for me, and one much less comfortable chair that I tucked in a corner where I could use it to nap without being obviously hiding from view. This isn't enough to host any group of people, and with each of these meetings one or two more chairs has been brought in, materialized from somewhere on the third floor. At last count, this afternoon, there were five total in my office. I'd be starting to have trouble moving if I had particular reason to move during my workday.

It just makes me feel like something's gathering forces, ready for me.

Trivia: The year of the French Revolutionary calendar was to begin at the midnight preceding the instant of the autumnal equinox. This would result in sometimes five years passing between leap years, which would happen first when the leap year expected for XIX actually happened in XX. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: A Concise History Of Brazil, Boris Fausto.


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