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Down, like a roller coaster; back, like a loop-the-loop

That said, my Attack From Mars game turned out really great. It's a fun, humorous game to start with, but I was really on in a way I wasn't most of the day. In the end I didn't just do well, but I managed to beat all the Mars-Attacks-Earth modes, and go on to Attack (and destroy) Mars. This isn't the only approach to enormously high-scoring success in Attack From Mars --- like most computer-driven games there are multiple paths of scoring strategy you can follow --- but it is the easiest and also one of the most satisfying. Every time you destroy a saucer that's attacking an Earth city there's this lovely crashing noise and light show from the game; and the crashing and light show is all the more dramatic for attacking Mars. The music gets all the more triumphant, too.

Anyway, the result of all this was I had my best Attack From Mars game in perhaps a decade (admittedly a decade in which I had no chance to play it), with the score coming in at 13,820,357,980. (The machine was kind of a high water mark in a wave of extremely inflated scores.) This was, remarkably, not the highest score recorded in the game's history at the arcade, but it was good enough to put me on the High Score Table in the number four position. It's been a long time since I've had my name entered on a High Score table but it's still great.

As I left the cashier asked if I found everything satisfactory and I assured him yes, I had a great time. And then I tried to explain about my high score table position, while clarifying that I hadn't beaten the all-time record, a subtlety which was lost in the noise of the day. He was very concerned that I'd broken the all-time record and not reported it to anyone and assured me that I should report it if I ever do. And should I ever do, I will, but it didn't come up that time.

One last oddity: I could swear some of the music to the Kiss pinball was an adaptation of ``Sweet Georgia Brown''. How is that even remotely possible?

Trivia: Atlantic City's first boardwalk was built of 12-foot sections eight feet wide which could be taken up and stored away at the end of summer. A city council ordinance prohibited construction of buildings within 30 feet of the city side of the Boardwalk, and at all on the ocean side. Source: Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City, Nelson Johnson.

Currently Reading: A War Of Frontier And Empire: The Philippine-American War, 1899 - 1902, David J Silbey.


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