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Yes, I'll count Gregory and Sue, that makes number 1 and 2

And now some news from another side of the family which took me by surprise, meaning I was probably told about it and forgot: my niece started pre-school today. It's hard to imagine her being that old already, but after all she was adopted when she was past two years old. Probably it would have felt just as fast if we'd known her from birth. Although I missed the chance to see her yesterday --- my parents asked if I wanted to come along with them on a visit, which I might have been willing to do, had they not asked me at 8:30 am on a Sunday --- the pictures of her probably represent the scene accurately. She's looking around at her classmates, her mother, and her father-with-the-camera with that blend of excitement and unnameable dread face which expresses, ``I'm getting a lot of attention, but it's for something that doesn't seem to involve me opening presents''.

I have only fragmentary memories of my pre-school experience, a few glimpses of what I'm told match the preschool's layout, and an impression of an enormously gigantic teacher watching over us. What I remember most clearly is the popcorn machine used for snacks. Still, it apparently got me off to a good start since throughout school I came out around the 99th percentile on whatever standardized test they wanted to give us, even for non-science subjects like reading comprehension, and I think I was testing at twelfth-grade levels as early as fourth grade. Well, so it was either a good investment or it was a complete waste of resources. Considering that when I was first sent off my brothers were two and one year old respectively, I may have been sent out purely as a defensive matter regardless of whether it was any good for me. Still, I can't say I'm dissatisfied with the result. I eat popcorn to this day.

Trivia: The Rutgers Preparatory School severed its last links with Rutgers University with the formation of its own board of trustees the 30th of June, 1957, years after Rutgers became New Jersey's State University. They had been created as partner educational organizations. Source: Rutgers: A Bicentennial History, Richard P McCormick.

Currently Reading: Hallmark: A History Of The London Assay Office, J S Forbes. This is why it's dangerous for me to wander around a university library; I'd never have imagined being interested in anything about the London Assay Office and on the strength of the spine alone here I am reading a 348-page book on the subject.


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