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All the pebbles I have seen, precious stones for Colleen

And here's one of those irritating little things. Among my assorted luggage is a canvas satchel that I think I inadvertently stole from one of my brothers. You know how it is; one person leaves something with the parents, another has need to lug something, this is offered as convenient, and then it's assimilated into a new household or partial household. It's a pretty good-sized thing large enough if need be to sneak The Phantom, The Ghost Who Walks into a Rhodian prison cell. I use it when I need to transport enough stuff to set up a small mansion.

At some point in its presence here, at least one of the cats decided what it really needed was to be peed on. And, if I'm not mistaken, to be peed on a lot. Possibly nonstop. It smells just a little bit annoyingly if it's in a well-ventilated space; put it in a closed space and it gets to be really too much. I thought I might put it in my storage locker, and so brought it to work in the back of my car, not thinking about how the back of my car is (a) a confined space (b) which would bake for hours in the daytime sun while I was at work. My car has recovered its neutral scent from that experience but I know not to do that again.

I did try saturating the bag in some of that spray potion that's supposed to handle pet odors. It's not worked, at least not enough to be detectable. In fact, it may have left the smell a bit more pungent. If it weren't for the stiff back inside I'd try running it through the washing machine as many as forty times, but the machine here is nowhere near large enough. I may check if the laundromat has machines big enough. Or I may just throw it in the pond and let it soak over the winter months. It's a good bag and I'd hate to just throw it out, but my happy level regarding at least one of the cats is low now.

Trivia: Bitrex, credited as the bitterest-tasting chemical known, can be detected in concentrations of 10 parts per billion, and is noticeably bitter at 50 parts per billion. Used as a warning agent it is put in at parts per million; for example, in denatured alcohol at 10 parts per million. Source: Molecules At An Exhibition: The Science of Everyday Life, John Emsley.

Currently Reading: Virtual Unrealities: The Short Fiction Of Alfred Bester, Alfred Bester.


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