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And in the dawning dawn yawners yawn

One of the basic yoga poses we do pretty near every week is the cat-cow pose. This starts out from ``table'', where you stand up on the mat on your hands and knees, with the spine as straight as possible. In the cat move you arch your back up and duck your head and rear down; in cow, you arch your back down and raise your head and rear end. And in the cat-cow posture, you move from the cat pose to the cow pose, and back again, multiple times. Recently my yoga instructor's gotten into improving our form and having the change in poses starting from the rear and working up the spine. It's not the most demanding of poses but it feels generally pretty good.

While going into the kitchen for, I believe, a can of soda, I caught one of the cats going through the motions of the cat-cow pose. The spine curves were extended through the spine, and she was stretched a little farther forward than the ``table'' base implies, but consider that she hasn't had a lesson in her life. Of course, she has all that time as a cat to her credit. Not so much the cow time. She spotted me walking toward and looked up with that faintly cross look cats get when they're spotted and she trotted off.

I can't help but wonder if she's mocking my pretensions to building flexibility. (I'm doing well on a lot of flexibility points, but I'm betrayed every time by my hamstrings, which are tight enough that roughly one in four times I sit down I'm rebounded back to standing by them.) Also I wonder if I have a chance of catching any of the cats in Downward Dog.

Trivia: Early plans for IBM's PCjr included selling it through low-end distribution channels, including K Mart. Source: Big Blues: The Unmaking Of IBM, Paul Carroll.

Currently Reading: The Reader Of Gentlemen's Mail: Herbet O Yardley and the Birth of American Codebreaking, David Kahn.


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