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Raise one hand, then the other, like you're climbing a tree

And as I have them up, here's some further pictures from the Popcorn Park Zoo:

Chickens.  There are a number of chickens (and other various birds) which wander around the zoo. I don't know what one did to rate being left outside the fence and the other inside, and suppose that one must be the other's attorney. Probably they'll be able to make a plea bargain.
Squirrel! ``I'm not stuck! Stop telling people I'm stuck! I'm not stuck!''
Hungry squirrel. There are, understandably, many squirrels which hang around the vicinity of the zoo since it's a place, and also the zoo sells visitors bags of popcorn and peanuts for the animals, and the leftovers are of understandable interest to the freelance wildlife.
Reaching squirrel. And since the squirrels are well-fed and quite safe, they're not particularly afraid of people wandering around, even those with cameras. It helps that I have a 10x optical zoom, of course. (This might be the best squirrel picture that I've taken.)
Cocoa the Coati. A little odd, given the reputation raccoons get, is that while Cocoa had plenty of popcorn and peanuts thrown his way, most of it was not of apparent interest. Perhaps he gets enough to eat the rest of the day.
Cocoa resposes. You really start to appreciate the size of coatis when they sprawl out on the ground.

Trivia: The Russians moved a granite block weighing roughly 1500 tons and measuring 42 by 21 by 17 feet about five miles on rollers to the banks of the Neva, and floated it downriver, to be the base for the statue of Peter the Great in Saint Petersburg. Source: Engineering In History, Richard Selton Kirby, Sidney Withington, Arthur Burr Darling, Frederick Gridley Kilgour.

Currently Reading: The Age Of Capital: 1848 - 1875, Eric Hobsbawm.


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