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A fresh month, and thanks to the two-episodes-a-day running of The Price Is Right its debut week plus one straggler from last season, I have the results of sixteen episodes to summarize, and that's enough for me. For winners of the Showcase Showdown we've got:

First Second Third
Month 6 11 10 14 6 7

[ Edit: copied the data from the wrong page of my notes and overlooked a week of results. Silly me. But then nobody pointed out the numbers didn't add up to 16 episodes' worth of Showdowns, did they, so I got away with it. ]

It'll be a more interesting table come the start of next month, I'm sure.

Since I got interested in the limits of winning spinoffs I thought I'd track the lowest winning spins. Obviously you can get a lower winning spin if competitors have overspun, and results might be different if there was a tiebreaker necessary, so that's what explains this chart:

No Overspins One Overspin Two Overspins
Solo Win 80 80 5
Tied Win 85 80 -

(On the 24th of September, the second show of the day, in the first showdown, the first two contestants overspun --- with $1.35 both --- and the last one spun a nickel for automatic entry to the Showcase. Obviously this result isn't going to be bettered.)

Finally I also thought I'd keep track of the highest score on which a contestant who was free to choose decided to spin again, and compare that to the lowest score for which a contestant decided not to spin again, in the hopes of discovering some deep psychology about the dividing zone between where people feel secure in their spin versus afraid of overspinning. It turns out the first three weeks the highest score spun again on was 60 cents; the lowest score not spun again on was 60 cents. Probably this has to be studied as a distribution rather than an extremum, but tracking the distribution would be way, way too much work for me, so forget that.

Trivia: Sergei Korolyev learned of the worldwide uproar caused by the Sputnik launch while being flown from Tyuratam to Moscow on the 5th of October, 1957. He was told by the pilot of his propeller-driven airplane. Source: A Ball, A Dog, And a Monkey: 1957 --- The Space Race Begins, Michael D'Antonio.

Currently Reading: The Oxford History of Ireland, Editor R F Foster.


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