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How was I to know there was a party going on?

A quiet night (my time) on Spindizzy with no one around; what else to do but actually wander around, looking at all the publicly accessible rooms? (The user interface guidelines make a lot of the muck easy to access.) I never get to do this when there are people around; I end up talking instead.

To my surprise, things are generally pretty good. There are rooms that lack the building code's out;exit;leave exit name, but relatively few; and everyone follows the rule of leaving obvious exits on. I don't like the convention that's developed that an exit named `[B]ack to [L]obby' means the short name is `BL'. But it does make some sense, so the goal of being easily navigable holds up.

I'm also surprised at the number of hot tubs and jacuzzis people have built. I guess it's something a lot of people long for. Also to my surprise is that people build a lot of rooms -- both logically present (like bedrooms and living rooms), sensible if you want to simulate the whole world (like bathrooms and cellars), and what I'd think are infrastructure (like hallways). My habit is to just build one or two key rooms, and let the rest be placed by implication, such as a reference to the kitchen, bathroom, linen closet and storage room for the books.

But then I've noticed lately that on mucks I end up writing radio scripts. They're heavy on dialogue; poses are almost an afterthought. It's probably telling that the rooms I like best that I've built have noises that add ambiance and distractions to the environment. I build my rooms with Foley. I didn't realize how far out of tune I was with the community. But I'm ready for The Jack Benny Program to break out.

Trivia: The border between Georgia and Florida was not settled until 1819. Source: A New History of the United States, William Miller.

Currently Reading: Isaac Asimov: The Complete Stories Volume 2, Isaac Asimov. blither inspired me.


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