austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Grey skies are gonna clear up

So after six months where the only hint of rain came from people holding refrigerated cans of soda above you, we've been getting pretty substantial reain most of the past week. For me, that's fine. I don't do a lot with the outside anyway and the only real downsides of rain are people driving more stupidly and that if I'm not careful I might get the carpeting in the car damp before I can take my shoes off and drive.

The inconvenient side is the abundant water caused the water supply around the office to get that problem water supplies have when there's too much water around. You know what I mean, the weird thing where the excess water means they can't purify it and therefore they have to send out muddy water and you get ``boil before drinking'' orders when they could have gone marketing it as ``new, extra-crispy water''. Anyway, that just meant I took a few extra cans of iced tea in to drink for the morning, and felt unsure whether it was safe to wash my hands, so, I spent more of the day holding it in. (Actually, not drinking so much so there wasn't much to hold in.) I like rain, but, really, would prefer it to be less slightly inconvenient.

Trivia: The subscriber list for Budapest's Telefon-Hirmondo (``Telephonic News-teller''), regularly scheduled party-line-style transmissions of news, stock market reports, sports updates, music, theatrical reviews, children's concerts, foreign language instructions, and sometimes live theater in the late 19th century grew to 15,000, including Emperor Franz Josef. Source: Wondrous Contrivances: Technology At The Threshold, Merritt Ierley.

Currently Reading: Gentleman Revolutionary: Gouverneur Morris --- The Rake Who Wrote The Constitution, Richard Brookhiser. You know, Morris does read like that rarest of 18th century people, the one who sounds like he talk like a normal person today might. (To Alexander Hamilton, in despairing moments during the debates about adopting the Constitution: ``Be of good cheer. My religion steps in where my understanding falters and I feel faith as I lose confidence. Things will yet go right, but when and how I dare not predicate. So much for this dull subject.''). He also seems to have been something of an energetic twit who'd suggest something outrageous just comically enough that people go away offended but not actually calling for his head, which is maybe closer to how I act than I like to admit.


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