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It's with me whatever I do

At the risk of making people think I'm obsessed with Cocoa, here's some more pictures of him:

Cocoa, thinking.  This seems like a pretty thoughtful pose even if he is just wondering how long it is to dinner and does he have to do anything about all this popcorn.
A snooty picture. ``Well, I never!'' If it weren't for two layers of fencing he'd be vulnerable to being scritched under his chin like that. Also if it weren't for how his canine teeth are about two feet long and capable of shattering diamond.
Tongue-licking good! I really liked the feeding shots when they gave the chance to glimpse his tongue from odd angles. Actually, I like any sort of odd angle, but the tongue poking out of his mouth from underneath is an attractive one.
Hungry, hungry squirrels. Back to the squirrels. They seem to be, sensibly, rather secure about their place in life and so don't mind eating while people crouch down and stare at them.
Can I HELP you? That's not to say they don't know when they're being stared at.

Trivia: The New York Times's coverage of the first game of the 1903 World Series, between Boston and Pittsburgh, was listed under a roundup article on Yesterday's Baseball Games. The major sports story was English Cricketers Win a match played on Staten Island. Source: The Old Ball Game: How John McGraw, Christy Mathewson, and the New York Giants Created Modern Baseball, Frank Deford.

Currently Reading: At The Edge Of Space: The X-15 Flight Program, Milton O Thompson. It's a funny thing but I realize I don't read enough space history stuff considering how interested I am in it. Of course, you have to get into the cracks and seams to find pop-history stuff I'm not able to write myself, too.


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